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Basque Axes

Since medieval times, wood-chopping was an important profession in the Basque Country, as it was needed in the local shipbuilding and charcoal burning industry. As a tradition during the festivals, a wood-chopping competition, called aizkolaritza would be organized to establish the strongest and fastest aizkolariak.

Not only people of Basque have amazing wood-chopping skills, but also they have excellent axe makers. Basque axes have a very unique form. You can find two types of this axe, the most curved is the classical one, it's named moon bit (ilargi ahoa) by it's form. It's specialized to get deep without getting stuck in the hard woods you can find in Basque forests. The straighter axe is used for softer woods, this bit type also has the same philosophy, sharp cheeky bit to bite deep and do not get stuck.
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