FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Before placing an order

Do you ship to my country?

Where is your store located? Where do you ship from?

How much is the shipping cost? Which delivery companies do you use?

Why should I order from Lamnia and not another shop?

Do I have to pay any import taxes and duties?

Do you sell original products?

Is this product in stock? What does "Special order" mean?

Can I order product X that you don't have in your selection?

Why did the price change from the last time I checked your site?

Can I reserve or pre-order item X?

What kind of warranty do you provide?

How do I pay for my order?

Placing an order

How do I place an order? Can I order by phone?

Do I have to create an account or register on your site prior ordering?

I just placed an order but now I want to alter it – by adding or removing a product; editing my address information, etc. How can I do that?

Why isn't my card payment going through?

I have placed my order with a bank transfer payment option selected, but I changed my mind and want to pay it with my card.

I would like to order something for my company and I have a VAT number. How do I order without VAT?

I just placed my order and all the items were in stock, but now your website shows that the item is out of stock. What may have caused this?

Order tracking and delivery issues

How do I track my order?

Will my order be shipped today?

It has been several days and my EMS parcel is still in Helsinki. Why?

I placed an order but have not received any shipping information.

My order never arrived.

I received the wrong item/my item arrived damaged.

What is your return policy?

Other issues

Can I have a discount coupon?

I forgot my password!

How do I change my credit/debit card?

Why should I register on your site?