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SOG Flashback סכין מתקפלת

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SOG Flashback סכין מתקפלת
SOG Flashback סכין מתקפלת
SOG Flashback סכין מתקפלת
SOG Flashback סכין מתקפלת

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בחר צבע / גודל

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€ 108.00


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€ 108.00


This addition to the SOG family offers outdoor enthusiasts a utility knife that is up for any challenge. Built with a strong GRN frame reinforced with a stainless steel shell and ribbed finger grips, the Flashback is solid to hold and easy to use. The GRN benefits from high strength to weight ratio and impact resistance. The sharp-looking knife is equipped with SOG’s latest assisted opening technology that gives it the distinction of being one of the fastest assisted opening blades available. Like many other SOG folders, the Flashback features a strong piston lock system, double thumb studs for ambidextrous one-handed opening, and reversible low-carry pocket clip which make it great for EDC.


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קושי הלהב

HRC 56-58


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אורך כולל:

203 מ"מ

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89 מ"מ

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114 מ"מ

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