Cold Steel African Walking Stick

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The Zulus are perhaps the fiercest, most combative tribe in all South Africa. In the early 1800’s the Zulu King, Shaka, subjugated the vast area of land between the Phongolo and Mzimkhulu rivers and laid the foundations for the Zulu Nation. Then in 1879 the Zulus handed the British one of the most humiliating defeats in history at the battle of Isandlwana, when they annihilated an entire column of 1200 Englishmen (who were supported by artillery and cavalry), and did it with little more than cowhide shields and their Assegais, or short stabbing spears. Even to this day, a Zulu tribesman is nobody to be trifled with. The thing that distinguishes the Zulu people most is their fondness for using a Knob Kerrie, or walking stick. Our President, Lynn C. Thompson, who regularly hunts in South Africa, has amassed an impressive collection of these handmade sticks. Most of them are made from indigenous African hardwoods like Wild Olive, Pink Ivory, and Red Bush Willow, and are topped with a distinctive ball or knob. Adapted for the western marketplace, the Cold Steel African Walking Stick features some of the best parts of traditional Zulu Kerries like an undulating shaft, and the traditional geodesic ball grip. However, instead of using a costly exotic hardwood, we’ve made ours out of black Polypropylene. This means that, in addition to being unbreakable, it’s also impervious to the elements. It will never rot, warp, crack, splinter, swell, shrink, mildew or fade, and it’s ready for all the wear and tear you, and the world, can dish out. Although its primary mission is to be a walking stick to aid one’s balance when crossing uneven, slippery, wet or rough terrain, it can also serve as a pointer, lever, or probe. It also makes a formidable tool for self-defense in an emergency.

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African Walking Stick

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