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Böker 98k-Damascus folding knife 110715DAMBöker 98k-Damascus folding knife 110715DAM

Böker 98k-Damascus folding knife 110715DAM


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The epic Boker 98k-Damascus brings an important piece of German military history to life. The world-famous 98k carbine was introduced as a standard service rifle by the Wehrmacht, The German Armed Forces in 1935 and remained the most widely used handgun by German soldiers until the end of the Second World War in 1945. The bolt action rifle was based on the Mauser System 98 breech system, which was used with the 98 rifle as the standard weapon of the German Army as early as the First World War.

As a reaction to the introduction of the first low smoke ammunition in France, the German Army Command had already commissioned the development of a new cartridge in 1887. This also included the tender for a new rifle. The Prussian Rifle Testing Commission chose the 98 rifle of the brothers Franz-Andreas and Peter-Paul Mauser, who were already known to the Commission for the excellent design and workmanship of the Model 71 from gunpowder times. The rifle locking system, known internationally mainly as the Mauser system, was officially introduced in the Prussian Army in 1898. The pioneering features were the wing safety with three safety positions, the generously dimensioned non-rotating extractor with controlled cartridge feed and the two vertically locking locking nipples on the head of the chambered case. Reliability, robustness and handling safety make the system to this day the most frequently built and reproduced chamber bolt repeater system in history, and it continues to be manufactured worldwide for civil purposes.

The Boker 98k-Damascus picks up different design elements of the 98k bayonet and is also equipped with a unique damascus blade made of the Mauser carbine barrel steel. The remarkable damascus is forged for us by Chad Nichols by hand in the Ripple pattern. The unique blade with its pronounced ricasso is opened by nail nick and reliably locked by a stable backlock. The handle scales made of local walnut wood take up the diagonally grooved structure of the bayonet handle scales and provide a secure grip. Under the steel bolster, the transverse groove for lateral cleaning of the shaft of the cleaning rod holder has also been adopted. Handmade in the Boker Knife Manufactory in Solingen. With noble floating display, certificate of authenticity and individual serial number.


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Blade material

Damascus steel

Locking mechanism



Stainless steel

Opening mechanism

Nail nick




3.845 oz

Overall length:


Blade length:


Length folded:


Blade thickness:


Country of origin:


Other features

Presentation case, Serialized


EDC Folding knives


Started from a small hardware factory of the Böker family in Germany in the 17th century, Böker became famous in 1869 when they launched their tree-brand knives developed in cooperation with the well-known cutlery-expert Hermann Heuser. The history of Böker has been affected by eventful times, but two things remained: passion and enthusiasm for extraordinary knives. Böker was one of the first companies to offer ceramic knives as a featured product line.

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